Read before posting please!

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Read before posting please!

Post by The Administrator on Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:18 pm

-Plagarism. This means posting work that isn't yours and claiming it is.
-Posting non-related pictures. If it doesn't pertain to the writing you're posting, then don't post it.
-Being an ass. This basically means saying "This f*cking sucks." on a story that doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it, without giving a reason.
-Advertising a website. The exception to this is if it's a fanfiction site.
-Posting non-Sonic fanfiction. Even all-OC fics are OK as long as they're set in the Sonic universe. Post in the General Fanfiction section if you want to post something else.
-Kind of a summary of any other rule I could post: Only post material that pertains to Sonic and Fanfiction. Anything else will be deleted and you'll be banned.

Note to Mods: Give first-time offenders a warning and delete their post. Second offense, depending on how bad it is, gets a one-to-three day ban. Third offense, three-to-five. Fourth, 5-10, fifth, permaban until further notice.
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