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“You’re a strange one, you know that, right?”

“The same can be said for you.”


“So, care to share your story?”

“Didn’t you watch all of this go down?”

“Well, yeah, I did, but I’m only an observer. I’m like the audience in a movie theater, I only know as much as I can observe, and the camera doesn’t always stay focused on the lead.”

“So, you want to know how I felt as this all went down?”


“Fine, not like there’s anything better to do around here…”

“There’s plenty of things to do around here.”

“Not when you’re someone like me…”

“Fine, get on with it XM.”

“Where should I start?”

“The beginning is always good.”

“Very well then…”
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Re: Memories

Post by Godmodder Studios on Sun May 02, 2010 3:33 am

Author's Note: All bracketed comments represent the dialogue between XM and an unknown individual that happens to be interupting XM's story. Said individual is also the person that XM is relating his story to. They are not author's notes.

Thank you and enjoy the story.


Chapter 1

We had set up camp in the Viridian forest; Serina and Epsilon were cuddled up together and sleeping against a tree while I was meditating under another. It was peaceful night, well, it should have been. I had this all-consuming feeling of doom that just came out of nowhere like a random slap to the face, sudden and surprising. It felt like the end of days was about to come and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. I stood up and looked around, the sounds of the forest, normally calming, were far too loud for my liking. The shadows at the edge of camp, out of reach of the light from the fire seemed to be thicker and darker than normal, or was it just me and this horrible feeling? I never quite figured it out…

Understandably, I was rather unsettled by this. I’m not a fan of ‘helplessness’, it didn’t sit right with me.

[“Being a living WMD, thus making most things about as much of a threat to you as an electric type is to a ground type, is probably a large factor in that.”]

[“Who’s telling this story, me or you?”]


[“Now then, continuing along…”]

Then, the shadows started to move, but not in a natural fashion. They creeped towards us, like some sort of tentacle beast seeking its prey. Not like I was going to let myself or Eps and Serina get captured by such a creature. I whipped out my shotgun, and its blast was more than enough to jar the two awake. Both immediatatly took note that I was firing at some sort of thick black substance that, unfortunately, seemed immune to projectile weaponry. Eps fired off an Aura Sphere at it as he moved Serina behind him to get her out of his line of fire and to shield her. It wasn’t exactly comforting to notice that the creature/substance swallowed the move without any noticeable effect, hell, the move went right through it and hit a tree, toppling it.

“Well fuck.” He muttered.

“It’s made of shadows…maybe Flash?”

“Worth a shot.”

Serina shut her eyes as we both simultaneously used the move. It, as theorized, had a noticeable positive effect on the creature/substance. Pushing it back, but once the move dissipated, it rushed back with the natural shadows, though it seemed to be stuck in them, it couldn’t approach the light of the fire. Taking note of this, I fired off a Flamethrower at it, smirking when it retreated from the light of the flames, only for the euphoria and hope at defeating the creature/substance be banished and replaced in terror an instant when it poured on its attack, squelching the firelight and moving forward at a steady pace. Time to get the hell out of here…wait…I CAN’T TELEPORT!

The thing had disabled our ability to teleport! I found myself standing on the other side of Serina as she held onto Eps, utterly terrified. I sighed, “Looks like this is where it ends, eh?”

He held her close, “It was good while it lasted.”

[“How cliché”]

[“At the moment, we thought we were going to die. Not exactly something that inspires the poetic side of me.”]

The creature/substance wrapped itself around us, it was cold, so very cold. This in itself is unusual now that I look back at it, I can shrug off the cold temperatures found on the highest mountain on the planet. The actual temperature of that thing was barely sixty degrees, yet it was the coldest thing I’ve ever felt, and I’ve taken an ice beam to the chest from a fellow unit before…

The thing swallowed us, and I quickly found myself in a realm of emptiness, of darkness. I couldn’t see, hear, or feel Eps or Serina. Death is a lot…emptier than I thought it would be…

You’re not dead yet. Came a woman’s voice in my head.

W-what? Who…what are you?

I’m not at liberty to say yet, but we will meet when it is time for us to show ourselves.

Now that is just cli-WHAT THE FUCK?! A bright light enveloped me, and I found myself yanked towards something. Why do I get the feeling that I’m going to be asking that question a lot…?
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Re: Memories

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Chapter 2

I found toppling out of what I assume was a portal a couple hundred feet above a rather intense battle. I took note of the strange ships flying by me as I fell downwards. When one of the purple ones came a bit too close, it immediately became my landing pad/parachute as a grabbed onto one of its stubby wings and flipped on top of it. Naturally, the pilot tried to shake me off with some rather impressive maneuvers that the craft was apparently capable of. When that failed, the pilot put on the afterburners and headed straight for the ground. Kudos to this guy’s CO. I haven’t seen someone this willing to kamikaze in a while…

As soon as the ship got close enough to the ground, I leapt off and landed on a large purple creature, nearly got myself impaled on some rather sharp spines on the back as well.

[“How intelligent…”]

[“How was I supposed to know they were that sharp?”]

The creature did not take kindly to being used as a cushion and I jumped off before its thrashing got me sliced to pieces on those spines. Upon landing behind it, I was forced to duck and roll as the large, purple creature tried to smash its arm-mounted shield into me. Behind it once more, I took the opportunity to scan the creature and discover that unless I hit the rather obvious orange sections, small arms fire would be worthless against the tough carapace. I also took note of the rather nasty and powerful-looking weapon on its other arm. Strange, the creature appears to be a colony of smaller, worm-like creatures…this warrants further study at a later date…

Dodging another shield swing, I pulled out my shotgun and put one of the heavy slugs right into its vulnerable back, shredding the colony and causing a generous spray of orange blood to come out of the creature.

Of course, how was I supposed to know at the time that Hunters tended to come in pairs, or how the surviving member of the two tended to go into a berserker rage upon its bond-brother’s death? The only warning of said bond-brother’s enraged attack on me was its cry of rage, but even it was almost lost to the battle-frenzy of this target-rich environment.

Back-flipping over the Hunter’s wild charge, I put two slugs into it, over-kill apparently as the spiny back cover did nothing to stop the powerful slugs as the first one pierced and shattered it, killing the creature as the second was just a wasted shot into a corpse. I made sure to store that bit of information for later use…

Now I had to worry about the various other unrecognized alien creatures surrounding me that were now turning their attention to me after shaking off the surprise at how easily I took down the Hunter pair.

Initial scans showed the larger hairy creatures, later identified as ‘Brutes’ possessed energy shielding technology while the smaller creatures like the wingless avians (Jackals), possessed energy shields in a more literal sense with a arm-mounted projector that produced an oval-shaped, neon-green energy shield. The even smaller aliens (Grunts) didn’t seem to have any special qualities outside of sheer numbers, seemed like there were at least five grunts to every brute out there.

The fight was almost even. Unfortunately for them, Commando-Class units like myself were designed with the idea of us being one man armies. They lacked the capacity and the numbers to win against me.

[“…Gee, and people call us godmodded individuals…”]

[“I was designed to take on large numbers of Pokémon, just what do you expect them to do to me?”]

[“Good point…”]

My armor activated as I brought upped my power to 100%. This brought out my heavier weapons, gave me a more sturdy armor, and activated my own energy shielding system.

[“Overkill much?”]

[“I just didn’t feel like drawing this out. I had better things to do with my time.”]

Two hours later, the ground was coated in bodies. I might as well have been god compared to these things.

[“Honestly…? Really?”]

[“Yeah, once more, they lack the capacity to properly defend themselves against me, let alone fight back. I’m designed for anti-pokemon warfare, those fools were nowhere near a well-trained pokemon’s level of power. I’m certain a squad of about ten well-trained Steelix could have done just as much damage.”]


[“The wraiths and banshees would have been the biggest, if only , threat to them. Though their lack of maneuverability and speed would make them easy targets…”]

[“Huh, you thought this out, didn’t you?”]

[“Affirmitive, shall I continue?”]

[“Oh, right, go right ahead.”]

[“Very well then. Moving along…”]

Now my next problem was to see if these people the other group were trying to kill would be any friendlier. Though seeing as how I annialated their would-be killers, they might be open to some form of diplomacy. Hopefully they could help me find the rest of my family…
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Re: Memories

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