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Post by Sirius on Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:30 pm

Well, I'm back, and I found another fic to snark. reading is hard. Apparantly grammar is as well. Let's just start this thing already...

It was a calm day for the straw hats no marine
attacks and no island sightings. The only bad thing about it being calm
on the grand line is that luffy gets bored.
...I'm in for a treat, aren't I? Ah, well, it can't be as bad as the other OP fic I snarked.
...Can it?

Get the hell out of here luffy!
Ahhh sanji I just want some food
Your just hungy cause your bored go see what usopps doing.
Yosh ussop always has something to do.
Ussop your amazing beating 4 giants with only 2 shots! Ussops telling
chopper more stories again ( mostly lies) when luffy shows up
Ussop! Let's shoot stuff. Running into chopper and ussop hurting
ussop and making chopper cry
Ussop getting up yells luffy why don't u go mess with zoro or nami
Luffy with his sad face walked away
Luffy thought of zoro first
zoro was training and didn't let him in the room to mess with him
Next luffy tried nami she asked what he wanted he said he was bor...
Before he got the rest of the word out he was talking to a slammed door.
Luffy sat on rail of the ship when he heard robin
What's wrong captin-San
Oh robin I forgot about you
Robin looked at luffy
Luffy could tell what he said kinda hurt her he quickly said because
your so quiet and her eyes went back to her book.
I'm never gonna get used to the fact that whoever writes these failfics thinks they're writing a masterpiece... Nor will I ever get used to the capitalization, grammar, spelling, or punctuation fails. However, this story had been... Adequate... with it's spelling... At least compared to some of the other fics I've snarked... Also, can't you just sense the love Luffy's crew has for him? Jesus, if you can't stand him, why did you join him? You could've just said no, and went about your lives. But, whatever, maybe everyone's just in a bad mood today. Except Robin. 'Oh, hi Robin, I was just trying to have fun with my friends, forgeting all about you!' And she's still the only person who will talk to him. Man, she must really like him, huh?

Wat are you reading robin
A book she said with a smile
Why are always reading
Robin looked at her captain
Luffy all the greatest adventures are wrote down in books.
Luffy had a suprised look on his face
Realy so that's why your always reading up here. Can I try reading.
Sure captain here you go
robin throws luffy one her discarded sat down on the
railing a started to read
Not 30 seconds later he walked up to robin
Robin I'm having trouble reading this
Ok what's the problem
I can't put the words together they just look weird
Ok let me try ok luffy
Robin took the book and read the first page out loud
Ok now I understand yelled luffy
Robin looked at luffy he was crouched down behind her with his patened
luffy smile on, she relized she was looking rite in his eye and
snapped away and closed the book
I have to go to bed luffy bye
She ran to her room rose red cheecks hiden behind the book. Luffy ran
after her and caught her arm before she closed the door
...I have one thing to say and one thing only: What the fuck does she see in him?
Umm... Robin can we do this again tonite
Robin was still stunned by the younger boys strength she turn to look
at him. He was frowning but still had his faint smile
...Excuse me, what?
He was frowning but still had his faint smile
He's frowning... But still smiling... Let's just finish this thing...
Luffy asks Robin to read to him agian later, she agrees, they both try to deny their feelings , and the crew goes to dinner. Robin does not. Luffy then sits in Robin's chair, wating for her to wake up. She does, they sit in the chair together, she reads to him, and they make out. Okay.

Next day
Hey zoro what's it called when you can't stop thinking of something
Depends are you going to leave if I tell you
Love get out now
That night robin was lying down again when she heard a nock on the door
She opened the door
Umm... Luffy what are you doing
I... Wanted to show you something
Ok what is it
Luffy grabbed her hand and lead her to the top of the ship
What's up here that you want to show me
The stars are nice tonight
She looked up and the night sky was full of stars as bright as possible
I can't stop thinking about you robin
She began to look down and was met by his lips again he grabbed her
around the waist
Well. That... happened. This snark is probably pretty boring, but honestly there's nothing I can say about this story that I haven't said about several others already. I need to try and find a different type of failfic. Need to change it up a bit. Given my luck, it shouldn't be too hard...

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Re: *sigh*

Post by Godmodder Studios on Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:53 pm

I'd suggest hitting the Sonic section, that one should be loaded with failfics...
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Re: *sigh*

Post by The Administrator on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:57 pm

Oh yeah, Ultima's right. I haven't gone back in a while because I simply COULDN'T find a good fic.
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Re: *sigh*

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