So bad a lemon might actually improve it: Broken Bonds

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So bad a lemon might actually improve it: Broken Bonds

Post by Echo~the~Hedgehog on Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:16 pm

Well time for another snark with the perenial Romana

Romana: *pops out of a hole in the ground* I am very sexy!

Me: Straining upon the start!

Romana: The game's afoot!

Me: And upon this charge cry-

Me+Romana: God for Harry, England, and St. George!!!!! *duck and cover*

It was a cool, moist day in the Orange Islands, where Brock was living
happily with Professor Ivy. He stood out on the balcony over the ocean, after
having finished the day’s chores. “Hmm,” he mumbled thoughtfully to himself.
“I wonder where Ash is.” Then the Pokémon Breeder smiled warmly. “Probably
off to save the world or something. He always had crazy dreams… I’ll bet he’s
doing well though.”

Me: *slowly uncovers head* Wha? ...What happened?

Romana: *exits WWIII shelter* The sky is still blue and bright!

Me: *sees on-drawing nuclear storm* ROMANA QUICKLY GET BACK INSIDE!!!

Brock was correct. However, he was also wrong. For, you see, Ash wasn’t
saving the world, although he was doing well. In fact, he was on his way to
see Brock right now. He had excellent news.

Meanwhile, on the ferry…

Romana: OH SHIT!!! *runs for cover*

Ash stared lovingly at his new wife. He admired her flowing red hair,
those beautiful blue eyes… And that funny yellow blouse. She never seemed to
take that thing off. But still, she was glad to be his and he was glad to be
“Hey Mist, what do you suppose Brock’s been up to?”
Misty turned away from the laundry she was hanging up to dry on a
“I’m not sure Ash, probably just cleaning and learning from Professor

Romana: *hyperventilates* woah that was close.

Me: The worst is still ahead.

Romana: What I see here is improvement.

Me: I wonder if she's had that surgery to repair the fact that her labia is inside of her uteris.

Romana: True. Also who does laundry on a ferry? and with a clothesline?

Me: this is just a regular fluff thingy. White pickett fence 2.4 kids and a nice puppydpg shit.

“Pika Pi-Pikachu,” agreed the little yellow mouse.
“Pi pi pi pichu,” squeaked Pikachu’s three furry children. He had met
the love of his life in Johto, a newly-evolved Raichu with well-groomed
orange fur, and had had children. However, before Raichu had a chance to help
take care of the children, it was greatly wounded by a wild Poochyena. It
survived, but it had to be hospitalized for almost a year. As much as he
wanted to stay by Raichu’s side, he had to go with Ash. He promised that they
could visit again sometime.

Me: Holy SH-!! *is rocked back and forth like in an earthquake* Shit! The Stormwall!

Romana: *stands on toppled bookcase* It makes me horny thinking about that.

Me: Then stop. No one likes a horny pokemon.

Romana: T.T

Me: Pikachu with a raichu? meh...

Romana: Why not just capture the raichu?

Me: How did that thing get hospitalized for a year from a poochyena?

Romana: I'm not horny anymore after that point...

“Yeah, I bet he’ll be so excited to see us again after these four long
years,” Said Ash. “I bet your Pichu would like to see their uncle too, huh
“Pika-pi!” Replied the electric mouse.
At this point in their conversation they heard a quiet ‘Ding’ sound.
“Attention passengers,” the ship’s captain announced, “We’ve arrived at
Valencia Island.”
“Alright!” Cheered Ash. “We’re here! Here we come, Brock!” He tugged
Misty’s sleeve playfully. “Come on!”

Me: Meh.

Romana: I'm not even in the mood..

Me: The worst is soon to come. brb

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