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Sonic Mash-Ups

Post by The Administrator on Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:33 pm

Never heard the original song, 'cause, you know... Fall-Out Boy... But it fits well.

My favorite song from Sonic 2 mixed with two of the only Korn songs I like. I really, REALLY like the beatboxing part. It's just crazy enough that it works.

This one just made my laugh out loud.

Another one I really, really like. Not even sure why. But it fits really well.

One of my favorite songs from Sonic 3. I don't particularly like the song it's mixed with, but it fits really well, so whatever.

This one just sounds really raw and awesome. It's also one of my favorites from Sonic 3. Jackson's voice is really cool in that song, too.
So now that I've listed every mash-up on the Internet... Wait, I made one too!

A Tay Zonday song and Hydrocity 2. It was a little sloppy in some places because I'm lazy, but I feel I nailed others. It really fits well.

Okay. NOW that I've listed every mash-up on the Internet, which are your favorites? Did you find one that I neglected to mention?
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