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Post by StarShineDC on Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:46 am

Q: Who's welcome to join?
A: Absolutely anyone. However, if you're a Sonic hater, keep it to the troll section or you'll be banned.

Q: Can I create new topics?
A: Yes. Anyone can create their own topic anywhere. If it's mature material, mark it as such in the topic title.

Q: How long do topic titles need to be?
A: The title for each topic you create has to be at least one character, but it's always nice to have a slight idea as to what we're clicking on.

Q: Can I rant about other users?
A: I wouldn't advise it just in case they see and that causes a lot of issue. But if you really just need to vent and you don't care who sees it, keep it to the trolling section.

Q: What in the world is "snark?"
A: Snark is a critique, generally humorous, on a monstrous piece of fanfiction. If you've read something that was so poorly written, the characters portrayed so painfully wrong, that a normal review just doesn't cut it, let us hear about it! Be as cruel as you need to be to wash the foulness of the fanfiction from your mind. This is allowed for fanart, as well. If something so offends your eyes (not because it's M-rated material, but for a legitimate reason) you can write a critique on it, as well.

Q: Can I become a mod?
A: Not at this time. Once this forum gets moving, there will be chances. But, for now, there are only four mods: StarShineDC, GodmodderStudios, ProjectOrion, and Sirius. If you see something that you feel must be brought to our attention for any reason, tell at least one of us and a solution will be reached in a short amount of time. You may also bring any complaints/concerns to the attention of The Administrator. Preferably, these complaints/concerns be brought to our attention via PM.


If you have any other questions, please ask. If the mods or the Admin feel that they need to be put in here, they will be.

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