All the Shades of Black~ A pokemon RP

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All the Shades of Black~ A pokemon RP

Post by Echo~the~Hedgehog on Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:45 am

This Rp is going to be a very interesting one I can tell.

Here's the situation. The Day Care center is usually a quiet and peaceful place. However, lately, things have been happening. Evil pokemon are being left here by bad trainers. Wild pokemon are starting to get in and bully the young. And occasionally you can find a female hiding in a bush crying over an egg....

Romana (a flareon) so far is the only thing keeping the peace. Ever sence she arrived a few months ago she became the 'den mother' to all the young pokemon. Even the older pokemon see her as a maternal authority figure and one to be respected. She may become a target of pokemon gangs. there is a rumor goign around the older pokemon that she was once raped by a vaporeon, and that's why she stays away from them. Another rumor circulated a while ago that she had a secret romance with another eeveelution of some sort, but no one knows anything about that and it sort of died out.

You decide how much sexual content this rp will use. Yiff/rape at your own risk.

I'll start off.


Wearing her usual toga and crown of olive leaves Romana sat, regally by the side of a small lake watching the water pokemon swim happily. She sighed contently. The newborn water pokemon were already swimming like champions. Then anshe heard something running up to her she turned as it shouted,

"Romana. We have a situation!" {Next person take control with your pokemon and decide the crisis he/she's reffering too.}

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Re: All the Shades of Black~ A pokemon RP

Post by The Administrator on Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:50 am

[Ooh, a Pokemon RP, huh? Well, I'm moving it to the Pokemon forum so Sirius has something to take care of. I'll join later, but I'm really busy right now.]
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