Poke'mon RP: Daycare

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Poke'mon RP: Daycare

Post by Echo~the~Hedgehog on Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:10 am

This rp explores one of the most fantastical parts of the pokemon world: Daycare. What happens in daycare? Do people ever sneak in to watch it? Are there pokemon gangs? Do some pokemon grow up wild in it?

This Rp can be taken absolutely anywhere. We'll just soup some ideas on the floor, and see if the dog (and/or hedgecat XD) licks it up. Have sex at your own risk of being called a poke`furry, however.

All battles will be done game style, so I will call damage using a damage calculator and generic movesets. Once a battle begins I will post a generic moveset from what people commonly use on a certain pokemon, Ex If you use a Kingdra I'll give you the Danceking set: Dragon dance, surf, dragon pulse, and ice beam...unless you've already used moves in regular rping and you'll have to keep them.

One legen per person and it has to be a boss or something. It cant be a main character in this RP to avoid legend flooding.

Levels range from 1-50 and you can have one lv. 100 to back up your others in case of trouble.

That's all for now. If things need to be settled later I will settle them.

Clothing is optional


Name and species: Romana/Flareon


Level: 100

Info: She has lived in the daycare for a long time. She is known as the Virgin queen because she never lays eggs and seems to command the other pokemon. She is a mother figure to the young ones and when they grow up they honor and respect her teachings and wishes. If anyone tries to mess with her usually the entire daycare runs to her rescue. She rarely battles. She wears a crown of olive leaves and a long white toga.

Name and species: Jenny/Espeon


Level: 42

Info: Romana's younger sister. She is a total ditz. Sometimes she'll be lying in a field and if a pokemon walks by she'll hop on its back and ride it to wherever its going. She likes to hump rocks. Her catch phrazes is "Peace and love". She wears a shorter toga than Romana and white panties for god knows why. Her real name is Naeoda but only Romana calls her that because she hates the name.

Name ans species: Rose / Leafeon

Level: 49


Info: Lily came in when Pedro did and is not related to Romana or Jenny. But she's playful like Pedro and tends to hang around supereffective types such as fire and flying. She tends to idolize Jenny and act like her when she's around. She hasn't been there long enough to make an egg yet. Romana saw her and renamed her Cassiopia but she rarely goes by that name.

Name and species: Pedro/Totdile

Level: 12


Info: He is a spanish totodile that came in recently. He flirts a lot and likes to chase other pokemon. Expecially ones he's weak against. He doesn't dance like some other totodiles but he knows how to grasswhistle. He abuses his spanish accent a lot.


Romana sat upon her usual large rock watching the main fields of the pokemon day care where all the younger pokemon played after lunch. Jenny was next to her rubbing her stomach on the rock and Pedro was eating next to her.


Rose was walking through the forest in search of Sitrus berrys.

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